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Private Collection of Greg Holland -

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CGC 10.0 Rai #0 (1992)
The first perfect grade assigned to a Valiant Comic by CGC (Comics Guaranty Corporation). Graded November 14, 2001.

Unity #0 (1992) page 9, inks and colors
Original comic book art pages, pencils, inks, and colors.

Signatures of Barry Windsor-Smith, JayJay Jackson, and Jim Shooter

X-O Manowar prototype statue, Solar statues
X-O Manowar prototype statue (unfinished) from the 1990s. Signed on the bottom by Jimmy Palmiotti.

Sean Chen's Solar statues, one finished (signed, #5), two unfinished (signed, unnumbered), from 2006-2007.

Bloodshot #0 Platinum (first known copy)
Printed in 1994, found by Pete Hunter in 2001, graded by CGC in 2003, this is the first identified copy of the Bloodshot #0 Platinum cover comic book. Not an officially released Valiant comic, it is believed that the printing or marketing team…

Valiant Official Employee Jacket, Kevin VanHook, 1993
Wool and leather jacket owned by Kevin VanHook (Valiant artist, Vice President, and Executive Editor 1992-1995). Embroidered "Kevin" on front, large Valiant logo on back, size XL.

According to Kevin VanHook:
- 24 were made and embroidered with…

Voyager Communications Inc. - original logo 1989
From the archive of Janet 'JayJay' Jackson, the original Voyager Communications, Inc. logo graphic from Graphic Technology Inc (NYC), dated August 8, 1989. Possibly the oldest surviving internal document for VALIANT Comics.
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